Accuracy You Can Act On

Accurate measurements of regional oxygenation provides clinicians with information needed to ensure patients receive appropriate oxygen intervention. Nonin’s proprietary EQUANOX regional oximetry technology offers real-time management of patients at risk of brain damage or other major organ injury.

EQUANOX rSO2 Technology

The latest advancement in near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), EQUANOX rSO2 technology offers real-time management of patients at risk for compromised oxygen saturation to the brain or other organs. Our patented dual emitter/dual receiver sensor architecture delivers greater accuracy than conventional NIRS cerebral technologies by providing stable, rapid and reliable signals and eliminating ambient light and electro-magnetic interferences.

EQUANOX Model 7600 Regional Oximeter System

The EQUANOX Model 7600 Regional Oximeter System provides key rSO2 monitoring subantages, including:

Industry-Leading Accuracy* - Absolute accuracy that aligns to true patient physiology, indicating adequacy of perfusion.

Consistent and Reliable - Rapid, reliable, response to physiological change without the signal instability and interruptions from ambient electrical and optical interferences.

Portable and Versatile - Lightweight and durable, with long battery life, allowing ease of continuous monitoring during patient transport within the hospital.

Optimized for the Patient - Unique optical spacing to isolate and target key tissues for the intended population.


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