Clinically Advanced Cerebral/Somatic Tissue Oximetry from Nonin Medical

You make key decisions that strive to preserve major organ functions. Nonin Medical’s EQUANOX Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System provides you the accurate, reliable and consistent measures of tissue oxygen saturation to assist in decision making.

EQUANOX rSO2 technology offers real-time management of patients at risk for brain damage or other major organ injury during surgery. Using patented near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology, the EQUANOX System detects changing levels in cerebral or somatic oxygenation, allowing clinicians to react before injury occurs.

Key product highlights of the EQUANOX System include:

  • Industry-Leading Accuracy* - Absolute accuracy that aligns to true patient physiology, indicating adequacy of perfusion.
  • Consistent and Reliable - Rapid, reliable, response to physiological change without the signal instability and interruptions from ambient electrical and optical interferences.
  • Portable and Versatile - Lightweight and durable, with long battery life, allowing ease of continuous monitoring during patient transport with the hospital.
  • Optimized for the Patient - Unique optical spacing to isolate and target key tissues for the intended population.

About Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical continually advances new noninvasive physiological monitoring designed to reduce costs and improve patient care. With more than 25 years of signal processing and NIRS sensor design expertise, Nonin’s innovative technologies empower clinicians to quickly and accurately monitor their patients’ true condition—even in the presence of low perfusion, motion and other challenging conditions.

Nonin Medical invented NIRS-based fingertip pulse oximetry with the Onyx® Model 9500, so the move to produce an accurate, durable, portable NIRS-based regional oximeter was a natural evolution. Today, Nonin’s clinically proven EQUANOX rS02 and PureSAT® Sp02 technologies—known for their stability, signal processing speed, and ability to uniquely filter out artifact interference—provide confidence to millions of clinicians that the numerical values they see reflect their patients’ true physiology.

*Based on 8004CA clinical results.